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General Informaion


SHRIMP: The Endless Quest for Pink Gold, an—important—new book (2010) for the shrimp industry.   Important? Yes!  This book is likely to be read by a wider audience than any book ever written about shrimp. Because so many new people will be introduced to shrimp through this book, it could possibly alter the public perception of “shrimp” in the United States. That makes it very important for all of us in the shrimp farming industry—worldwide.


Shrimponomics: Why do we eat so much shrimp? Who better to ask that question than Dr. Steven Levitt, co-author of Freakonomics, the best-selling book (3 million copies and counting) that looks at unusual data sets to explain complex human behavior.


Are Your Shrimp Safe?: Thieves Abound! Farmed shrimp have no place to hide. Poachers scoop them out of ponds, bandits and pirates highjack them on the way to processing plants—and stoned kids stuff two-pound bags of frozen 26/30s into their pants at grocery stores and walk right out the door.


Red Lobsters’s Endless Shrimp: How Much Shrimp Do You Have to Eat to Put Red Lobster in the Hole?  Plus three Updates.


About Shrimp Farming: This searchable article contains background information on shrimp farming. It describes the production cycle (hatchery, nursery, growout) and then discusses equipment, supplies, farming strategies, factors affecting production, and some of the costs associated with shrimp farming. Maps. Diagrams.


Anatomy of a Shrimp: Glossary and Illustrations. Searchable.


Farmed Species: Identification Guides. Scientific Classification. Vannamei gets its first name back. Bait. Searchable.


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