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The History of Shrimp Farming
in the United States

These reports are in a constant state of revision. If you would like to correct or add information to one of them, contact Bob Rosenberry at bob@shrimpnews.com.

The Birth of the Global Aquaculture Alliance (1997)


History of the Galveston Laboratory: The Birthplace of the Shrimp Hatchery (1998)


History of Shrimp Farming in Arizona (2003)


History of the Taura Virus in the United States (2005)


South Carolina—Shrimp News Interviews Craig Browds and Al Stokes (2005)


Marifarms, Inc. (1968 to 1982): The First Industrial-Scale Farm in the World (2005)


The History and Current Status of Hawaii’s Shrimp Broodstock Industry (2014)


Granvil Treece, Shrimp Farming Specialist at Texas A&M University (2016)


Texas—Shrimp Farming Research, a Forty-Six Year History (2015)


Dr. Jim Wyban, The Father of SPF Shrimp (2015)


The 2000–2007 Bubble in USA Farmed Shrimp Production (2017)


Dr. Arun Dhar, the New Director of the Aquaculture Pathological Laboratory

at the University of Arizona (2017)


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