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Lobster Farming


These reports are in a constant state of revision. If you would like to correct or add information to one of them, contact Bob Rosenberry at


Do Lobsters (and Shrimp and Crabs) Feel Pain?: In the February 2018 issue of International Aqua Feed, Editor Simon Davies commented on how animal welfare issues could affect the killing, processing and cooking of lobsters, crabs and shrimp! Davies said: “On the topic of welfare, there have been widespread reports in the media regarding the ethics of boiling lobsters alive when prepared for the table: The Swiss government has now legislated to ban the practice and pressure is growing in the United Kingdom to add lobsters to the Animal Welfare Act.”


United Kingdom—The National Lobster Hatchery: Dr. Carly Daniels' semi-intensive farming system doesn't require commercial feeds.


The Kinky Sex Life of Lobsters: Arriving at the entrance of an aggressive male’s shelter, all a female lobster needs to do is spritz him with some of her pee, a little each day over several days, and he will be putty in her claws.


Australia—Update on Lobster Farming Research: The ARC Research Hub for Commercial Development of Spiny Lobster Culture Systems studies three spiny lobster species: Panulirus ornatus (the tropical spiny lobster), Sagmariasus verreauxi (the eastern spiny lobster) and Jasus edwardsii (the southern spiny lobster). Recent research has focused on P. ornatus because of its favorable attributes for farming.


Spiny Lobster Aquaculture Development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia: In April 2014, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries co-sponsored the International Lobster Aquaculture Symposium in Lombok, Indonesia.  The purpose of the Symposium was to discuss constraints and opportunities for the developing of an Indonesian lobster farming industry and to identify key issues for further lobster farming research. 


The proceedings from the Symposium—Spiny Lobster Aquaculture Development in Indonesia, Vietnam and Australia—is available as a free, 220-page, PDF download at:


Darden Restaurant's Lobster Farm in Malaysia: Darden Restaurants, the owner of the Red Lobster chain of restaurants, has started a long-term project to develope a huge lobster farm in Malaysia. When completed, it will have the capability of producing $1 billion worth of lobsters a year for the Asian market, particularly China.


Lobster Harvest, Pty., Ltd.: Based in Western Australia, Lobster Harvest leads the world in lobster hatchery technology.  It recently embarked on a lobster farming project in Sabah, Malaysia, that will grow hatchery-produced, slipper lobsters in floating sea cages.  Its hatchery-produced spiny lobsters will also be tested at the pilot farm.


Free Copy of the Proceedings of a Conference on Spiny Lobster Farming: Published by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), Spiny Lobster Aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific Region is the 162-page proceedings of an international conference held in Nha Trang, Vietnam, on December 9–10, 2008.In addition to papers contributed by leading lobster researchers in the Asia–Pacific region, the proceedings contains 16 papers that report the results of research carried out in a four-year ACIAR lobster aquaculture project involving six agencies from Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Pictures. Summary. Table of Contents.


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