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July 7, 2013


Korean Shrimp Farming Project in the Sahara Desert


On May 20, 2013, in partnership with South Korean, Algeria initiated work on a shrimp-farming project in the municipality of Hassi Ben Abdallah in Ouargla Province (800-kilometers southeast of Algiers).  The South Korean government enlisted the help of its National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (NFRD) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) to supply capital, manpower and technology for the project, which expects to begin marketing shrimp sometime in 2014.  The farm’s location has an extensive underground water source with a salt concentration of four to five parts per thousand.


Sources: 1. MK Business News.  S. Korea Takes Part in Shrimp Farming Project in Sahara Desert.  Written by Ki-chang Lee and Samji Chung and edited by Soyoung Chung. July 8, 2013.  2. Algeria Press Service.  Shrimp Farming: Korean Experts Inspect Ouargla’s Future Pilot Farm.  June 23, 2013.


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