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June 2, 2014


EMS Remedies


Zuridah Merican (, editor and publisher of AQUA Culture AsiaPacific, writes:


It is interesting to evaluate what has been done by various segments of the shrimp farming industry to combat EMS/APHND.  Broodstock producers are now placing more emphasis on robustness and less on growth.  In selective breeding, robustness and growth are opposite traits and hence selecting for one will have a negative effect on the other.


Hatcheries are reviewing their broodstock diets and are looking at compound diets as an alternative to natural diets like polychaetes.


While farms have continued with biosecurity, more farmers are now trying biofloc technology, which requires lined ponds and more aeration, based on the principle that good bacteria will exclude the proliferation of Vibrio parahaemolyticus, the bacterium that causes EMS.


Feed companies are proposing feeds with a complement of probiotics and immune enhancers to stimulate and improve the shrimp's own immune system.


Source: AQUA Culture AsiaPacific (Editor/Publisher, Zuridah Merican, email  From the Editor/A Sense of Urgency.  Volume 10, Number 3, Page 2, May/June 2014.

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