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August 4, 2015


Feeds—Zuridah Merican Says


In the introduction to the July/August issue of Aquaculture Asia Pacific, editor Zuridah Merican says there is a new trend in shrimp feeds.  She says shrimp farmers are switching to high-density, high-protein and high-cost feeds with and without additives.  Compared to standard Penaeus vannamei feeds that average $1.10 per kilo, the high-quality feeds can cost up to $1.80 a kilo.  The trend started with the use of high-quality feeds for juvenile Penaeus monodon, and now they are being used throughout the farming cycle.  Some farmers in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia have sworn that the high-quality feeds have resolved their disease problems and improved survival rates.  As a result, more feed companies are jumping onto the bandwagon and re-launching high-quality feeds for P. vannamei.  Could this be the answer to the industry’s woes?


Source: AQUA Culture Asia Pacific (Editor/Publisher, Zuridah Merican, email  Feeding shrimp in Asia-Quo Vadis?.  Zuridah Merican.  Volume 11, Number 4, Page 2, July August 2015.

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