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October 10, 2013


Using Tea Seed Cake to Kill Fish in Shrimp Ponds


The following discussion took place on The Shrimp List, a mailing list for the shrimp farming industry.


Govindaraju GS ( I would like to know the pros and cons of using tea seed cake to eradicate unwanted fish in shrimp ponds.


• What is the ideal dose in low saline waters?

• How is it applied to shrimp ponds?

• Is it safe?

• If safe, what is the smallest shrimp that it can be used on?

• Are there any adverse effects on shrimp growth and survival?


Pamindangan Farm ( I’m not an expert on the use of tea seed cake, so Listers please correct me if I make some mistakes.


People in my area use anywhere from 100 to 250 kilograms of tea seed cake per hectare, depending mostly on personal preference.  I suggest you ask shrimp farmers in your area about the correct dose.


You can apply it directly to your ponds or “brew” it in a big drum and then apply it to your ponds.


If used correctly, it’s safe, kills fish and reduces pH.  Like all pond additives, safety and success depend on the right timing and dosage.  Application during hot, sunny weather should generate better and faster results.  You should begin seeing dead fish in a couple hours.   During cloudy or rainy weather, the results won’t appear as quickly.  I have no idea about how large the shrimp should be before you begin using it. People say that it shouldn’t affect species with no red blood cells, but I personally wouldn’t use it until your shrimp are around 8-10 grams.


Govindaraju GS ( Thanks a lot.  We are going to use tea seed cake because some tilapia (fish) are breeding in our ponds.  We are planning to apply it when the shrimp reach 10 grams at a dosage of 200 kilograms per hectare.


Further suggestions are welcome from farmers and experts who have experience using tea seed cake.


Pamindangan Farm (  There might be a market for your tilapia!  There are a lot of Indonesian semi-intensive farmers who polyculture either tilapia or milkfish with Penaeus vannamei and get great results.


Other than that, if you are keen on getting rid of them, I’d start with a lower dose, around 100-150 kilograms per hectare, and see what happens.  You should see dead fish in a matter of hours.  Then do an evaluation of whether to bomb them with a larger dose.


Georges Razafindrabe ( I think the best way to deal with fish in shrimp ponds is to prevent their eggs or larvae from entering the pond with a 300µ fine mesh filter.  If that doesn’t work, then try tea sea cake.  It kills fish without affecting shrimp.  It is also a molting stimulant and can bind with dissolved organic matter, effectively removing the dissolved organic matter from pond water.


Soak the tea seed cake powder in water for a minimum of 12 hours and then spray the solution evenly over the pond’s surface.  You should apply tea seed cake on sunny afternoons with aerators in operation.


Source: The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  Subject: Tea Seed Cake.  October 8, 2013.


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