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September 20, 2014


Video—Puffy Shrimp Chips


Hey, do you have a minute?  This video shows you how to make puffy shrimp chips.


Here’s what the Yahoo Food Blog had to say about them:  “Gaze upon prettily hued krupuk, the popular Southeast Asian snack, as they billow into puffy chips before your very eyes.  So beautiful!  So elegant!  We want to stuff our faces with them in a not-so-dainty way.”


“But first, what are krupuk?  You’ve probably heard of them as “shrimp chips” or “prawn chips”....  The chips are popular in countries including Indonesia and Malaysia, where they often come packaged for sale as thin, tiny discs of uncooked dough.  To attain puffed, crispy perfection, fry the doughy pieces in a vat of shimmering oil, as the video (link below) demonstrates.”


“Krupuk generally refers to the crackers made from mashed shrimp—which taste slightly oceanic, sweet, and boast a creamy-and-crunchy texture.  Your local Asian markets will probably have some, but you can also find the dough online.”


Source:  The Indescribable Elegance of Asian Shrimp Chips.  Rachel Tepper.  September 18, 2014.

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