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September 6, 2014


Research—Harvest Methods and Cooked Color in Monodon


From Abstract: Considerable color variation was observed between shrimp (Penaeus monodon) from different ponds and different farms, and this variation could affect product value. Different post-harvest methods prior to cooking were also shown to have a profound detrimental effect on shrimp color.  Both long periods of ice storage and freeze thawing of raw product were detrimental to shrimp color.  However, ice storage immediately after cooking was shown to be beneficial to shrimp color. Results demonstrated that darker shrimp color was preserved by holding harvested shrimp alive in chilled seawater, limiting the time between harvesting and cooking, and avoiding long periods of ice storage or freeze thawing of uncooked product.


Source: Aquaculture.  Quantitative Methods to Measure Pigmentation Variation in Farmed Giant Tiger Prawns, Penaeus Monodon, and the Effects of Different Harvest Methods on Cooked Colour.  Nicholas M. Wade (email, phone +61-7-3833-5974, CSIRO Food Futures Flagship, Division of Marine and Atmospheric Research, Ecosciences Precinct, Dutton Park, Brisbane, Queensland 4102, Australia), Carl Paulo, Jake Goodall, Mibu Fischer, Sue Poole, Brett D. Glencross.  Volume 433, Pages 513–519, September 20, 2014.

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