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February 26, 2016


Job—PhD Candidate, Spiny Lobster


The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) has a position open for a PhD candidate in spiny lobster metamorphosis.


Job Description: The candidate will be required to develop an understanding of the literature in the field of metamorphosis and perform comparative analyses to highlight key pathways that are specific to spiny lobsters.  The candidate will then travel to Tasmania, Australia, to work closely with the aquaculture experts and researchers to run in vivo tests.  The candidate will conduct in vitro assays at USC to provide novel insights into molecular mechanisms that govern metamorphosis.



• Good communication skills

• Ability to work independently and as a team member

• Ability to speak and write at a high level in English

• Knowledge of bioinformatics tools

• Knowledge of molecular tools

• Ability to integrate large datasets in a comprehensive and presentable way


Information: Tomer Ventura, Ph.D., Aquaculture Biotechnology Research Fellow, University of the Sunshine Coast, 4 Locked Bag, Maroochydore DC, Queensland, Australia 4558 (Office Phone +61-7-5456-5984, Cell Phone +61-4-5789-2999, Fax +61-7-5430-2889, Email, Webpage


Source: Crust-L (an email-based mailing list for crustacean scientists).  Subject: PhD Position.  From: Tomer Ventura.  February 22, 2016.

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