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September 27, 2014


Research—Artificial Diets for Spiny Lobster Larvae


From Abstract: This study outlines the key nutritional requirements for complete larval development of the tropical spiny rock lobster, Panulirus ornatus.  It presents the first successful demonstration that Palinurid lobster larvae can be reared on artificial diets.  David Francis, one of the authors of the study, says, “There’s still some work to do here, but this is quite an achievement considering the amount of research focus this topic has been given over the last 20-years.”


Sources: 1. Aquaculture.  Changes in the Nutritional Composition of Captive Early-Mid Stage Panulirus ornatus Phyllosoma over Ecdysis and Larval Development.  Jessica A. Conlan, Paul L. Jones, Giovanni M. Turchini, Michael R. Hall and David S. Francis (email, Australian Institute of Marine Science, PMB No 3, Townsville, Queensland 4810, Australia, phone +61-7-4753 4133, fax +61-7-4772-5852).  Volume 434, Pages 159-170, October  2014.  2. Email to Shrimp News International from David Francis (address above).  Subject: New Research Diets.  September 25, 2014.

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