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November 1, 2013


Ridley Aqua-Feed Hires Dr. Matthew Briggs


Ridley Aqua-Feed recently hired Dr. Matthew Briggs as project manager for the commercialization of NovacqTM, a bioactive feed ingredient that contains no fishery products.  Briggs has 30 years aquaculture experience and a PhD in shrimp culture from the Institute of Aquaculture in Scotland.  He has worked worldwide in research, development, training and has managed shrimp breeding, larval rearing and growout projects for international NGOs (including FAO and NACA) and private companies.


Over the last 10 years, scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) developed NovacqTM as a feed additive that provides a critical bioactive molecule that improves the growth and health of shrimp.  It also allows flexibility of formulations to meet customer demands by maximizing growth and by progressively or even fully replacing marine raw materials.  NovacqTM is a natural food source based on the natural marine microbial processes that occur in shrimp ponds and estuaries.


Briggs will scale-up production trials for NovacqTM and guide its commercialization.  He will determine the most cost effective means of manufacturing, harvesting and incorporating NovacqTM into feeds, and then conduct further commercial trials with it in Australia and throughout Southeast Asia.


For information on the development of NovacqTM, click on the following link:


Information: Dr. Matthew Briggs, Ridley AgriProducts, Pty., Ltd., Neon Street, Narangba, Queensland 4504, Australia (phone 1800-024-850, fax 1300-308-001, email, webpage http://www.


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Richard Smullen (, Ridley AgriProducts, Pty., Ltd.  Subject: Dr. Matt Briggs Joins Ridley Aqua-Feed to Commercialise NovacqTM.  October 31, 2013.

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