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March 26, 2015


Ridley’s Fish Meal Free Diets




Ridley Corporation, an animal feed company in Australia, has developed a shrimp feed that does not contain fishmeal as its primary protein source.  The feed is being tested by Matt West, General Manager of Australian Prawn Farms.


The new feed product—“Ridley MR-S”—is the culmination of ten years of research by Dr. Richard Smullen and Dr. Matthew Briggs, research scientists at Ridley, Australia’s leading provider of high performance animal nutrition.


The scientists’ task was to develop a sustainable shrimp feed that eliminated the dependence on diets made from wild-caught fish, previously a mainstay of the shrimp feed industry.  This was achieved in part by using by-products from high-quality fish that were processed or canned for human consumption.  To produce the new feed, Ridley sourced by-products from a tuna cannery and the Sydney Fish Market.  Future production may use processing by-products from Australia’s salmon and barramundi (a fish) industries.  These by-products of human food production are currently used to make pet food, garden fertilizer, or they are sent to the dump, wasting their nutritional value.


The majority of the world’s fish meal is made from wild-caught whole fish.  Fishmeal has more than doubled in price in the past year.


According to Smullen and Briggs, over the last decade the MR diets have enabled a 30% increase in shrimp growth rates, accompanied by increased feeding efficiency and healthier shrimp.


Dr. Briggs originally joined the Ridley team to commercialize the large-scale production of Novacq™, a natural shrimp feed additive derived from a marine microbial process that involved ten years of research and development by Australia’s CSIRO.  Novacq™ has generated worldwide interest and Ridley has secured exclusive rights to produce and market the additive in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Shrimp fed Novacq™ grow up to 40% faster, and Ridley has added Novacq™ to its “Best in Class” range of feeds.


Ridley will soon launch a new range of diets called “MR Xtreme” that contain Novacq™.  Dr. Briggs said extraordinary growth results from Ridley MR Xtreme were first proven in tank trials and are being duplicated in full-scale commercial production trials underway at Gold Coast Marine Aquaculture and Australian Prawn Farms in Queensland.


Information: Richard Smullen (, Group Technical and R&D Manager, and Dr. Sunil Kadri (, Head of Sales and Business Development/Aqua-Feed, Ridley Corporation, 12-18 Neon Street, Narangba, Queensland 4504, Australia (phone +61-7-3817-9812, fax  +61-428-765-717, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Sustainable Prawn Feed.  Richard Smullen.  March 25, 2015.


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