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April 15, 2014


Cyclone Ita Interrupts Harvest at Seafarms Group


While staff at Seafarms Group in northern Queensland were working around the clock to harvest 40 tons of shrimp for the Easter holiday, tropical Cyclone Ita cut the farm off from the nearest highway, so no product could be delivered.


Having experienced Cyclone Yasi in November 2011, Dallas Donovan, chief operating officer at Seafarms, knew how to deal with the storm and quickly turned on the farm’s generators.


After the highway was reopened, Donovan said, “[We’ve] been lucky this year.  Harvests for us...started about a week before Easter, and they’ll progress now through to June/July before we finish this crop.  ...It’s all hands on deck moving into some pretty serious harvest numbers, so the boys have been putting a fair few hours in over the last week.  And having a cyclone come through in the middle of it has just added to their sleepless nights.”


Source: ABC Net Australia.  Cardwell Prawn Farm Well Prepared for CycloneCharlie McKillop.  April 15, 2014.

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