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October 3, 2014


Seafarms’ Sea Dragon Project





Seafarms’ Project Sea Dragon hopes to develop one of the largest shrimp farms in the world, and it’s now on the hunt for a site.  It may purchase Legune Station, a huge tract of land in the Northern Territory (NT) with 180,000 hectares of grazing land, 60,000 hectares of floodplain and a 55,000-megalitre dam on the Western Australian and Northern Territory border near Kununurra.


If it purchases the site, Seafarms plans to develop a 10,000-hectare shrimp farm, capable of producing over 100,000 tons of tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) a year.


The company has already spent three years and over $12 million on site assessments and feasibility studies, and it is now in the final stages of negotiations to acquire a site for its mega project.


Seafarms’ managing director Robert Bell, said, “The project, if developed in NT, would also involve a substantial Darwin [the capital of NT] component with hatchery and breeding facilities, along with several hundred technical staff to support these facilities being based in the city.  ...The company is currently finalizing feasibility work on three sites in northern Australia and is in...negotiations on two sites.”


Seafarms says it’s assessing two properties near the Western Australia and Northern Territory border, and there is potential for it “to operate aquaculture and cattle operations”.


Seafarms is already Australia’s largest shrimp farmer, operating three farms in northern Queensland that produce 1,600 metric tons of shrimp a year.


In 2913, the company acquired a facility on Exmouth Gulf in Western Australia to be upgraded and converted into a shrimp broodstock facility.


Information: Robert Bell, Seafarms Group, Limited, Level 11, 225 St. George’s Terrace, Perth, Western Australia, Australia (phone 08-9321-4117, email, webpage


Source: ABC.Net.Au.  Seafarms Sets Sights on Northern Australian Cattle Stations for “Mind-Boggling” Prawn Farm InvestmentMatt Brann.  October 3, 2014.

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