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May 1, 2013



Tasmania—Rock Lobster Research with Darden Restaurants


On May 1, 2013, Julia Gillard, the Prime Minister of Australia, said the University of Tasmania will receive a grant of $5 million to develop an industrial research hub that will join Darden Restaurants (USA), JSA Consulting Engineers, Plastic Fabrications and the University of Auckland in research to develop systems to mass produce rock lobster seedstock and to explore the development of rock lobster farming.


Tasmania is an island state off the southeast coast of Australia.


There are dozens of species of rock lobster (often called spiny lobsters) around the world.  Most of the species considered for aquaculture are in the Jasus and Panulirus genera.  In Eastern Malaysia, Darden Restaurants has embarked on a long-term, $650 million, joint venture to farm Panulirus ornatus, the ornate rock lobster.


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