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October 1, 2014


Wants Country of Origin Labeling on Imports


Currently Australia farms about 4,000 metric tons of shrimp, fishes about 22,000 tons and imports about 46,000 tons a year.


Helen Jenkins, an Executive Officer with the Australian Prawn Farmers Association, says distributors and retailers are labeling cheaper imported shrimp as an Australian product.


“It’s rife.  ...It’s fraudulent.  ... It’s not fair for consumers,” she said


Jenkins is also concerned about the antibiotics that may be used in the production of imported shrimp.


She says shrimp farming in Australia could expand by as much as 17 times if key issues holding back investment were resolved.


Source:  Seafood Labeling to Identify Prawns and Barramundi.  September 29, 2014 (updated September 30, 2014).

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