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February 23, 2015


Biomin’s Probiotics


The conditions and dosage of probiotics seem to have an impact on the efficacy of the treatment.  This was confirmed in a Thai shrimp nursery.  After an EMS outbreak (confirmed via histopathology), an increase in the application of Biomin’s AquaStar Pond® and Hatchery® probiotics stopped the progress of mortality and disease.  All the surviving shrimp recovered from EMS with healthy hepatopancreases.


Information: Pedro Encarnacao and Jutta Zwielehner.  Biomin Holding. GmbH., Industriestrasse 21, 3130 Herzogenburg, Austria (phone 43-2782-803-0, fax 43-2782-801-11308, email, webpage


Source: AQUA Culture AsiaPacific (Editor/Publisher, Zuridah Merican, email  How Far Are We From a Real Solution to EMS/AHPND?  Pedro Encarnacao and Jutta Zwielehner.  Volume 11, Number 1, Page 15, January/February 2015.

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