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February 20, 2016


App Allows Buyers to Trace Shrimp


Buyers of Bangladeshi shrimp can now use a smartphone app to trace their shrimp purchases right back to the hatchery.  Over 200,000 Bangladeshi shrimp farmers will benefit from the technology.  The app uses Quick Reading Codes (QRCs, similar to universal bar codes).


Introduced to the farmers in southern Bangladesh by the research organization WorldFish, the QRC app can be used in combination with another app, SourceTrace’s “eServices Everywhere (ESE)”, which can process, analyze and trace data throughout the production process—from hatchery to harvest and beyond.


“The technology is used not only to give information about the shrimp, but also addresses safety concerns and some other vital issues,” said Main-Uddin Ahmad, owner of the MKA Hatchery in Cox’s Bazar.


Source: SciDevNet.  Bangladeshi Shrimp Farming Gets App Savvy.  Peter Barker.  February 19, 2016.

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