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May 27, 2015


Drugs and Chemicals Improve Production


From Abstract: In this study, researchers evaluated the impacts of aqua-drugs and chemicals on shrimp health and production.  Data were collected through personal contact, market survey and focus group discussion with shrimp farmers, farmers associations and aqua-drug sellers.  Seven categories of aqua-drugs were used by the farmers, and 34 pharmaceutical companies supplied aqua-drugs and chemicals.  Widely used chemicals were zeolite, zeolite plus, acme’s zeolite, geotox, aqua boost, aquamin, megavit aqua, cevit vet, aqua savor, timsen, emsen, rotenone, bleaching powder, oxytetracycline, renamycine, renamox, bactitab, eco-solution and potassium permanganate.  Probiotics were also used in coastal aquaculture such as eco-marine, mutagen, pH fixer, super ps and zymetine to improve water and soil quality, increase production and control harmful bacteria.  Histopathology of muscle and hepatopancreas of shrimp were almost normal in control ponds, whereas, in drugs treated ponds the above-mentioned organs had some pathological changes like necrosis, pyknotic cells, inclusion bodies, hemorrhage and vacuums.


Shrimp production was 2,100 kilograms per acre in aqua-drug treated ponds and 80-120 kg/acre in non-treated ponds.


Source: World Aquaculture Society.  The Online Abstracts of World Aquaculture 2015Effect of Aqua-Drugs and Chemicals on Shrimp Health and Production in Coastal Aquaculture of Bangladesh.  Gias U. Ahmed (email, Department of Aquaculture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh-2202), Md. T. Hasan, Md. Ali R. Faruk, Md. And K. Rahman. Jeju, Korea, May 26 to May 30, 2015.


Information: John Cooksey, World Aquaculture Conference Management, P.O. Box 2302, Valley Center, California 92082, USA (phone 1-760-751-5005, fax 1-760-751-5003, email

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