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December 4, 2014


Exporters Face Safety Inspection


In April 2015, a team from the European Union Food and Veterinary Office will visit Bangladesh exporters to determine if their shrimp meet safety requirements.  The team will check to make sure that there are no chemical or antibiotic residues in shrimp shipped from Bangladesh, and it will review the procedures for keeping chemical and antibiotic residues out of exported shrimp.


Mohammad Khalilullah, vice president of Bangladesh Frozen Food Exporters Association (BFFEA), said, “Our future largely depends on the mission’s progress card.”


Bangladesh exported $550 million worth of shrimp in fiscal 2013-14.  The EU is the largest importer of Bangladeshi shrimp.


Shrimp farming is a key employer in the country’s poverty-stricken southwestern coastal region, where 130 shrimp processing plants and tens of thousands of farms employ over one million people.


Source: Financial Express.  Shrimp Exporters Face Key Test as EU Safety Team’s Visit Nears.  Monira Munni (  December 3, 2014.

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