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November 9, 2015


Landless People Call for the End of Shrimp Farming


At a rally on November 8, 2015, several thousand landless activists in southwest Bangladesh, the heart of the country’s shrimp farming industry, demanded an end to marine shrimp farming in Bangladesh because it “begets lawlessness, terrorism, land grabbing and degrades the environment.”  They claim that shrimp farming generates dirty money for landlords who use musclemen to displace local people and use political and administrative power to generate lofty profits.


The activists’ rally marking the 25th anniversary of Karunamayee Sardar’s death, a leader of the landless people, who was shot dead in Khulna on November 7, 1990, as she was leading an anti-shrimp farming protest.


At the November 2015 rally, the landless people said their numbers keep growing as the amount of land dedicated to shrimp farming increases.  They say the numbers of livestock, forests and birds are decreasing because of salt-water intrusion caused by the shrimp farms and that the fertility of the land is dropping.  They demanded that the government promote regular farming in southwestern Bangladesh and that it ban unplanned shrimp cultivation to protect the environment and ensure food security.


Source: Ned Age.  Stop Shrimp Farming as It Begets Terrorism, Degrades Environment: Activists.  November 8, 2015.

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