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April 4, 2013



Statistics on the Shrimp Farming Industry


The following is the first paragraph from a long article on organic shrimp farming in Bangladesh:


“In recent years, the farmed shrimp sector has become increasingly important for Bangladesh, with 97% of production exported (Kruijssen et al. 2012). Shrimp represents the country’s second largest export after garments, contributing about 4% to GDP (Haque et al. 2012) and employing approximately 1.2 million people in production, processing and marketing (Paul and Vogl 2012). Including family members, about 4.8 million Bangladeshi people are directly dependent on this sector for their livelihood.”


Source: World Aquaculture (the quarterly magazine of the World Aquaculture Society).  Editor-in-Chief, John Hargreaves.  An Organic Future for Bangladeshi Shrimp?  Loni Hensler (University of Bergen, Norway, and Scott Bremer.  Volume 44, Number 1, Page 28, March 2013.


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