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April 3, 2016


Evonik Starts New Plant for Producing Methionine for Shrimp


In Antwerp, Belgium, Evonik Industries has started the world’s first production plant for a new source of methionine, an α-amino acid that is used in the biosynthesis of proteins.  Called “AQUAVI Met-Met®”, it is specifically designed for shrimp and other crustacean feeds and will be launched in mid-2016.


AQUAVI Met-Met® will allow shrimp feed producers to reduce the amount of fishmeal in their shrimp feeds.  It is significantly less water-soluble than DL-methionine and not so easily leached out of the feed.  In the digestive tract of shrimp the methionine becomes available for protein synthesis at exactly the right time.  As feeding trials in many countries have shown, just 0.56 kilogram of “AQUAVI Met-Met®” in 1,000 kg of shrimp feed results in the same growth as 1 kg of DL-methionine.


“AQUAVI Met-Met®” has already been registered as a feed additive in many countries, with more to follow.


Source:  Evonik Industries Ag: Evonik Starts Up Plant Producing Methionine Source for Shrimps.  March 31, 2016.

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