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September 24, 2013


INVE Developing a Product to Alleviate EMS


INVE Aquaculture, a supplier of shrimp hatchery feeds and shrimp broodstock, is running commercial tests on a formula meant to help combat early mortality syndrome (EMS) or acute hepatopancreatic necrosis syndrome (AHPNS).


The formula, a proprietary mixture of phytochemicals, has already successfully produced Vibrio-clean postlarvae in experiments and has produced postlarvae that are much more robust and “far better adapted to stress,” said Patrick Lavens, director of INVE Aquaculture.  “Right now, we are doing tests at the industrial scale with our clients.”


The phytochemical mixture is not an EMS cure.  “Rather, it is a biosecurity tool that may assist—together with good health management—in preventing outbreaks.  It is a partial contribution,” Lavens said.


Experiments at INVE’s research facility in Thailand, showed that the new phytochemical mixture reduces bacterial loads during transport of postlarvae and reduces stress during and after transport.  “Our results show that osmo-tolerance after transport [to ponds] increased in those postlarvae that were treated with the mixture during transport, and these effects remain for at least seven days after transport.  This demonstrates the potential of this phytochemical mixture to reduce bacterial transfer and to improve the robustness of shrimp postlarvae,” said Lavens.


After the commercial tests are completed, INVE will likely have the final phytochemical product available for commercial use within six months to a year.  “Going into commercialization requires a couple of steps, such as verification and registration of the product in different countries, so the timing is difficult to predict,” Lavens said.


Information: Patrick Lavens, INVE Aquaculture, Hoogveld 93, 9200 Dendermonde, Belgium (phone +32-0-52-40-95-95, fax +32-0-52-40-95-80, email, webpage


Source:  Editor, Sean Murphy (  Firm Testing EMS Prevention System.  Christine Blank.  September 24, 2013.


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