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August 21, 2014


INVE at TARS Roundtable


At the Aquaculture Roundtable Series TARS 2014 (Phuket, Thailand, August 20-21, 2014), which is featuring “state-of-the-science” plenary presentations and interactive breakout sessions on shrimp farming, Roeland Wouters, a research and development engineer with INVE Aquaculture, said the cost of postlarvae (PLs) production is very small compared to that of growout production, so farmers should not compromise on the feed and management of PLs.   “Growout is...where the gross margin is made”, he said.


Source: Undercurrent News.  Editor, Tom Seaman.  TARS Blog: Big Discrepancies on Actual Level of Global Shrimp Production.  Tom Seaman  (  August 20, 2014.

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