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October 25, 2013


INVE Hires Shrimp Farming Pioneer Randall Aungst


Earlier this year, INVE Aquaculture, a supplier of nutrition and health products to shrimp hatcheries worldwide, strengthened its technical expertise by adding Randall L. Aungst to its team of hatchery experts.


Aungst, like INVE, is a true pioneer in the shrimp farming industry.  Starting in Panama in the early 1970s, he has designed, built and managed numerous successful shrimp hatcheries in both the Americas and Asia.  Until recently, he was Managing Director of the aquaculture division for Nobleworld Consultants, Ltd.  While working for Black Tiger Aquaculture in Malaysia, he helped renovate and manage a 220-hectare farm that had been closed in 1996 due to whitespot and turned it into a profit center, while simultaneously designing and managing the first specific pathogen free Penaeus monodon breeding program in Asia, which today has fifth generation broodstock.


Aungst will work as Global Technical Support Manager and take on a consulting role at shrimp hatcheries worldwide that use or plan on using INVE Aquaculture products.  Aungst says: “Having worked in commercial hatcheries for nearly 40 years, I’ve always looked at INVE Aquaculture as a reliable, constant factor.  Our industry wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for companies like INVE.  I look forward to not only assisting our customers by offering advice and tackling bottlenecks they might be facing, but also fully introducing INVE’s newly developed Best Balance concept, something I truly believe in.”


Information: Woulter Huyghe.  INVE Aquaculture, Hoogveld 93, 9200 Dendermonde, Belgium (phone 32-0-52-40-95-95, fax 32-0-52-40-95-80, email, webpage


Source: INVE Press Release.  Aquaculture Pioneer Joins INVE Aquaculture.  Woulter Huyghe (  October 25, 2013.

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