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February 16, 2016


AHPND Report


In response to a job announcement on The Belize Forums webpage, Hank49, said, “You do realize that all but one of the shrimp farms in Belize have been hit with AHPNDs (Acute Hepatopancreas Necrosis Disease).


The technology to deal with this exists but it will require redesigning and reconstruction of the farms here.  The large, 10-20 acre ponds do not work anymore.


I have 39 years of commercial shrimp growing experience with three species of shrimp.  There is a good opportunity for investment in Belize, but not if you plan to take over an existing farm that’s recently closed down and not remodeled.


Source: The Belize Forums.  Subject: Experienced Shrimp Farm Supervisor.  Hank49.  February 15, 2016.

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