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November 16, 2015


Shrimp Farmers Lose Millions to Disease


Since August 2015, the shrimp farming industry has lost tens of millions of dollars to a viral disease that was spread by birds, and all farms have had to dry out and restock.


Jose Alpuche, Chief Executive Officer at the Ministry of Agriculture, said: “There is a viral infection in the industry.  It’s been affecting the industry for a few months now.  All farms have had to dry out, basically stop production to clean out and then restart.”


A reporter at Belize’s News 5 asked Alpuche, “...In terms of jobs…during these months people have had to be out of jobs.  How many?”


Jose Alpuche: “I don’t know the exact numbers, but indeed the farms have had to release laborers....  But as far as I understand all the technical people and all the management have actually been kept on while they’re in this process of restocking.”


Reporter: “Can you give us a preliminary indication of losses, because there must be significant losses?”


Jose Alpuche: “We have not done an update, but the initial update would have been somewhere in the region of twenty-two million dollars, and we expect that figure to go up.”


Source: News 5.  Aquaculture Industry Loses Millions Due to Shrimp Disease.  November 12, 2015.


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