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April 18, 2015


Video—Eight Shrimp Farms Receive ASC Certification




This eight-minute, high-definition video, in English with Spanish subtitles, reports on the eight shrimp farms in Belize that have received Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certification for their farms, making Belize the country with the highest percentage of certified farms in the world!  The eight shrimp farms are:


Aqua Mar Belize, Ltd.

Belize Aquaculture, Ltd.

Royal Mayan Shrimp Farms, Ltd.

Cardelli Farms

Bel-Euro Aquaculture, Ltd.

Tex Mar, Ltd.

Tropical Aquaculture Development, Ltd.

Paradise Shrimp Farms, C.A., Ltd., Belize


The video begins with a brief introduction to Belize, followed by some beautiful shots of the country’s jungles and barrier reef.  Then, it features comments on the environment and the ASC standards from Mauricio Mejia, Agriculture/Aquaculture Program Officer, WWF Guatemala/MAR; Alvin Henderson, Managing Director of Royal Mayan Shrimp Farms; Linda Thornton, owner Cardelli Farms; and Isabelle Gayot, Social and Environmental Manager of Belize Aquaculture, Ltd.


Alvin Henderson says, “What is personally rewarding is that we can now manage our progress in a measurable way.  We can see how we are progressing.  ...You can know how you’re performing against the ACS standards.  ...It’s not a matter of preparing because the auditor is coming; it’s a matter of making compliance a life style.”


The narrator says: “Shrimp farmers in Belize became ASC certified because it’s great for the environment, and it’s good for business.  ...Belize’s eight certified shrimp farms produced nearly 16 million pounds of shrimp in 2014; that’s ninety percent of the country’s shrimp production.  ...Nutrients and effluents are lower that national and international standards”


The entire focus of the video is on upholding environmental standards, like sustainability, social responsibility and mangrove protection.


Source: YouTube.  Belize’s Shrimp Farms ASC Certification Pre Final Video.  April 14, 2015.

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