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October 14, 2014


A New Way to Describe the Size of Postlarvae


Although the characteristics of shrimp postlarvae (PLs) have changed over time, the standard method used to identify their “size” has not changed.  Usually, the size of postlarvae is expressed as their chronological age (PL-10, PL-20) after completing metamorphosis, without any consideration of their length or weight.  After an analysis of biometric data from 480 postlarvae from different culture systems, the authors of this article agreed that weight is more relevant than age in determining postlarvae size.  They have 25 years of experience selling PLs from Aquatec Aquacultura, Ltda., and believe that after the age of PL-10, the size of the PLs is best expressed by their weight.  Consequently, they have been selling “jumbo” postlarvae based on weight since March 2013.  Their PLs have an average weight of 16 milligrams each with 50-80 animals to a gram—all produced in greenhouse-covered tanks.


Information: Ana Paula G. Teixeira, Aquatec Aquacultura Ltda., Av. do Pontal, s/n - Barra de Cunhau, Canguaretama/R.N., Brazil 59.190-000 (email

Source: The Global Aquaculture Advocate (The Global Magazine for Farmed Seafood).  Editor, Darryl Jory (  Production/What Size Are Your Postlarvae?  Ana Paula G. Teixeira and Ana Carolina B. Guerrelhas.  Volume 17, Issue 5, Page 59, September/October 2014.

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