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August 23, 2013


Renews Shrimp Exports


After ending shrimp exports for several months, shrimp farmers in the state of Rio Grande do Norte resumed shrimp shipments to the European Union in mid-August 2013.


According to the Association of Shrimp Breeders in Rio Grande do Norte, shrimp farmers will export half their production in the next twelve months.  It is estimated that during 2013 the area will produce about 14,000 metric tons of shrimp.  In 2012, all their production was sold on the domestic market.


Itamar Rocha, the president of the Brazilian Association of Shrimp Breeders (ABCC), said current conditions favor exports because the price of shrimp has increased as world supplies decreased due to shrimp disease problems elsewhere in the world.


Sérgio Lima, CEO of Potiporã Aquicultura (a shrimp farm belonging to Queiroz Galvão Group), said, “In 2012, we produced 3,000 tons.  This year, we will produce about 6,500 tons.  The idea is to further increase the volume in the next 12 months to over 7,000 tons.  ...We have already received orders from China and Russia.  Before we exported only to Europe.”  This year, the company expects to export about 90 tons of shrimp, and a good part of the shipment will go to France.


Orígenes Monte, president of the Associations of Shrimp Breeders in Rio Grande do Norte and director of Trêsm, another shrimp farm in the area, said his farm is investing $416,000 in the construction of nurseries for shrimp larvae.  The farm hopes to increase production from 420 tons to 840 tons a year.


Source: FIS United States.  Shrimp Producers From Rio Grande Do Norte Resume Exports.  Analia Murias (  August 21, 2013.


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