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December 15, 2015


Research—The Effect of Suspended Solids on Growth Rates in Biofloc Systems


From Abstract: This study investigated the effect of total suspended solids (TSS) on water quality and the growth of Penaeus vannamei in a biofloc system.  A 42-day trial was conducted with three levels of TSS: low (100–300 milligrams per liter), medium (300–600 mg L−1) and high (600–1,000 mg L−1).  P. vannamei juveniles with an average weight of 4.54 ± 1.19 grams were stocked at a density of 372 m3.  After 6 weeks, TSS mean concentrations were 306.37, 532.43 and 745.2 mg L−1, respectively, for the low, medium and high treatments.  Significant differences were observed in pH, alkalinity and nitrite, especially between the low and high treatments.  Similarly, significant differences were observed in growth, specifically final weight, survival, feed conversion and productivity.  Low levels of TSS resulted in better growth of P. vannamei.  Maintaining low TSS levels (100–300 mg L−1) is important.


Source: Aquaculture Research.  Effect of Different Total Suspended Solids Levels on a Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) BFT Culture System During Biofloc Formation.  Carlos Augusto Prata Gaona (email, Marine Station of Aquaculture, Institute of Oceanography, Federal University of Rio Grande, C.P. 474, Rio Grande CEP 96201-900, Brazil), Marcos Souza de Almeida, Veronica Viau, Luis Henrique Poersch and Wilson Wasielesky, Jr.).  December 14, 2015.  This abstract was posted online; the study has not been published yet.

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