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October 23, 2014


Update on Production


Presently, there are 1,800 active shrimp farms in the Brazil, occupying 22,000 hectares of ponds and hoping to produce 25,000 metric tons of shrimp in 2014.  The vast majority of the farms (95 percent) are small to medium-size ventures.  In Brazil, the main shrimp producing states are Ceará, Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia, Sergipe, Paraíba and Piauí.


According to Itamar Rocha, President of the Association of Shrimp Breeders (ABCC),  favorable conditions in international shrimp markets have helped the industry recover; however, two key factors limit its growth: the availability environmental licenses and capital.  Rocha also said that the industry has been hindered over the past several years by USA dumping duties, competition from Ecuador and Asia, the whitespot virus and massive floods in the northeast (2008 and 2009).  Because of the stiff competition in international markets over the past several, most of Brazil’s farmed shrimp was marketed in country.


Now, Rocha said, because of strong international markets, “...We are experiencing auspicious times for shrimp farming in the Northeast....”


Source: FIS United States.  Environmental Licenses and Financing Hinder Shrimp Industry.  Analia Murias (  October 22, 2014.

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