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November 1, 2015

British Virgin Islands

Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries’ Lobster Farm



Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries operates a half-acre lobster (Panulirus argus) farm that’s stocked with wild-caught juveniles.  Owner Giles Cadman says, “We farm lobsters and sell them locally and are about to build a three-acre system with a hatchery.”


Here’s some information from Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries’ webpage:


“Our goal is to turn Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries into a licensed turnkey business model that will create profit for its owners while protecting the ecosystem.”


“Our lobsters reach optimum size in only 14 months”.


“Caribbean Sustainable Fisheries is ready to license its sustainable business model to eco-minded entrepreneurs who believe in our philosophy of integrating the planet, people and profits into everything we do.”


Information: Giles Cadman (email, webpage


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