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February 7, 2015


Golden Corporation to Increases Production of Organic Blue Shrimp


With last year’s acquisition of 200 hectares in Penyatang, Tutong, and the future acquisition of 200 hectares in Telamba, Tutong, Golden Corporation’s annual production of organic, blue shrimp (Penaeus stylirostris) is set to hit 6,000 metric tons—six times its current capacity of 1,000 tons.  According to Richard Chuang, the Managing Director of Golden Corporation, whose shrimp are certified by Ecocert, an organic inspection and certification organization in France, the increase in production is expected to create 500 to 600 new jobs in Brunei.  Currently, Brunei’s organic blue shrimp are exported to China, USA, Australia and Japan, and talks are underway with Korea.


Golden Corporation also plans to expand its fish meal production by 200% and may build a value-added processing plant.  The shrimp farm and feed mill expansion will cost an estimated $55 to $60 million.  When the expansions are completed, annual revenues are expected to reach $100 million.


Source: Borneo Bulletin.  Boost to Brunei’s Organic Blue Shrimp Production.  James Kon.  January 31, 2015.

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