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May 16, 2014



Alberta—Pincher Creek Shrimp Farm Gets Permit


On May 6, 2014, the Pincher Creek Municipal Planning Committee approved a development permit for a proposed saltwater shrimp farm.


The Committee accepted the proposal and categorized its land use as similar to “intensive horticulture”.  This clause regulates land use for growing high-yield and specialty crops and includes greenhouses and hydroponic operations.


The report provided to the Committee stated that after filling eight tanks with 6,600 gallons of water, the closed system’s usage of water would be “minimal”, roughly 100 gallons per day to cover evaporation and other general uses.  According to the document, one neighbor was initially concerned about the possibility of a spill or leak.  The application claimed that the entire operation would be contained in one building with an empty reserve tank that would drain into a “lined dugout” that could contain a leak.  No other concerns were raised after this was brought to the neighbor’s attention and the report stated that preventing and containing spills was in the shrimp farm’s best interest because, “The cost to get the water to 18 parts per thousand salt is very high, so every effort is taken to reduce, reuse and recycle the water and salt.”


The developer declined to comment on the project until detailed plans of its facility were finalized and outstanding permit applications were approved.  If opened, the report mentioned that the operators eventually plan to run school tours of the facility.


The Planning Committee then considered adding a definition for aquaculture to its agricultural and land use bylaws, and on May 13, 2014, it unanimously passed the first reading of the addition.


Source:  Municipal Planning Committee Oks Shrimp Farm Permit.  John Stoesser (email  May 14, 2014.

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