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October 5, 2015


Planet Shrimp, Inc.




Marvyn Budd (email from Planet Shrimp, reports:


“I am writing to you in response to the note you published from Anastasios Katsarkas of Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms regarding our website similarities.  He is correct to note that we used his website format as a template for our own as we too were impressed by its design.  I am sure many websites are designed with other website styles in mind but with content, colors and layout changes being made.”


“The content we created was either specific to our planned operation here in Canada or was otherwise available in the public domain.  We also added our own video, our own colors and logo and our own building rendering.  We did adopt the rendering of what they proposed as the inside of an inland shrimp farm as it represented the best available snapshot of what an indoor shrimp farm might appear like.  These renderings, of course were not actual pictures of their operation (are they built or operating as yet?) but just drawings or we would never have utilized them.  We certainly never adopted any of their technology claims nor wish to as we have our own proprietary technology and process that we are quite proud of.”


“Planet Shrimp, like most inland shrimp farmers share a common message: A commitment to raise healthy shrimp free of harmful chemicals, farmed close to market and delivered fresh daily.  This important message and much of the content on either website can be found in the public domain.”


“Notwithstanding the above, we are in the midst of changing our website as we have progressed well beyond the rendering stage and are in the process of building our farm.  Our new website will have a different focus to it than the current one to better reflect sales and marketing of our fresh shrimp.  As such, we have decided to take the current website down now rather than wait until our new site is ready so that there can be no confusion between our two endeavors.”


“We are very fortunate and excited to be in a position to turn our vision into a reality.  We expect our first harvest early Q2 2016 and look forward to delivering a sustainable supply of fresh shrimp to the Canadian market for many years.  We applaud Hellenic Inland Shrimp Farms for their website design and hope that they, too, will be able to someday realize their dream to build and operate a shrimp farm in Greece.”


“...We felt we should include some renderings that we had prepared as a result of producing the architectural drawings required for our current construction.  Some changes in the exterior design have been made due to permitting and work flow, but we believe it provides a fair representation of the final plans.  Construction of the first phase will be complete by December 31, 2015.”


Information: Marvyn Budd.  Planet Shrimp, Inc., 516 John Street North, Building 11D, Aylmer 11D, Ontario N5H 2B8 (phone 1-647-494-4141, cell phone 1-647-280-1277, fax 1-888-316-8188, email, webpage


Source: Emails to Shrimp News International.  Subject: Planet Shrimp’s Webpage.  Marvyn Budd.  October 3 and 5, 2015.

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