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August 19, 2015


XpertSea's PL Counter


Canadian technology company XpertSea announces the international market release of the XperCount, a device built on patented technology that merges optics and machine vision to count, size and image millions of small aquatic organisms within seconds, effectively doing away with traditional labor-intensive methods such as hand counting.


Specimens can be counted within 10 seconds in volumes of water up to 10 liters, with accuracy up to 95 percent.  Initial research has shown that by using the XperCount to reduce their feed and labor cost, producers can increase profit margins by up to 40 percent.


A host of custom applications have already been developed for counting eggs, nauplii, larvae, postlarvae and juveniles for a wide variety of aquatic species, from shrimp, crab and lobster to echinoderms and all the industry’s most farmed fish species, as well as live feed and microalgae.


Customers who purchase the XperCount will be given access to XpertSea’s integrated online data management system for aquaculture production, which automatically saves the device’s measurements to the cloud through a wireless connection.


By centralizing and organizing this digital data, XpertSea aims to provide aquaculture producers worldwide with a user-friendly inventory management tool that will allow them to benchmark their production and access customized reports and insights on invaluable measurements such as survival and growth rates.


This data will help producers make the best decisions to improve their processes, increase their yield and, ultimately, reach sustainability.


The XperCount and data platform are scheduled for an international fall 2015 release.  Visit for pricing and purchase inquiries.


Information: For a two-minute, high-definition video of the XpertCounter, Click Here.


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Source: ASEAN Seafood.  XpertSea Innovative Aquatic Organism Counter Hits International Market in Fall 2015.  August 19, 2015.

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