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May 2, 2014



Shrimp Farmers Organize to Get Better Prices


Shrimp farmers (Penaeus vannamei) in Zhejiang Province, located on the central coast, and in Guangxi, an autonomous region on the Vietnamese border, are organizing into cooperatives to bargain for better prices on feeds, medicines and processing.  One co-op in Zhejiang represents farmers with 2,000 hectares of ponds.


Although the feed mills are tempted by the cooperative’s large volume, not all of them are willing to work with the cooperatives because they feel they may lose money on the deals.


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  Shrimp Farmers Organize Into Large Cooperatives in China to Get Better Deals on Feed, Medicine.  Translation by Amy Zhong.  May 1, 2014.

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