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May 31, 2013


Shrimp Feed Companies Consolidate, Remain Optimistic


In 2004, there were more than 100 Chinese firms producing feed for shrimp farms.  By 2013, however, that number fell to ten, with the top four players sharing 70 percent of the market.  As farmers become more knowledge about shrimp feed, they’re buying more high-quality products.


An unusually wet early summer in one of China’s key shrimp production zones has put a damper on feed sales, but the sector is bullish about future demand.  Market leader Guangdong Haid is predicting a surge in demand through the second half of 2013 due to increased usage by aquaculture operators focused on domestic and export markets.  Yan Hu, CEO of Tongwei Aquatic, the sector’s number two player, is predicting a 15 percent increase in income in 2013.


Shrimp News:  There was no mention of EMS in this article.


Source:  Editor, Sean Murphy (email  China’s Fish Feed Sales Growing at 40% Annually.  May 28, 2013.

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