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August 7, 2014


Hainan Island Hatcheries Hit Hard by Typhoon Rammasun


Shrimp hatchery production on Hainan Island has been cut in half by Typhoon Rammasun.  Many hatcheries are still without power and will be unable to supply the current high demand for seedstock in southern China.  Of all the facilities destroyed by Typhoon Rammasun on Hainan Island, the hatcheries will be the last to have their power restored because they are in remote locations.


Luo Guoqiang, general manager of Hainan Haiyuansheng Aquatic Seedling, said his hatchery in Wentian lost millions of postlarvae, valued at $97,000.  There are seven other shrimp hatcheries in the neighboring area, and all of them suffered great damage.  It’s estimated that it will take a month to restore power to the hatcheries.  Five of the hatcheries have shut down operations, while the remaining two continue to operate with generators and the small amount of postlarvae rescued from the disaster.  Luo’s estimates the total loss of the seven hatcheries was around 500 million postlarvae, worth about $325,000.  The capacity of the shrimp hatcheries in Wentian makes up about 50% of Hainan’s total capacity.


Hatcheries are in no hurry to rebuild their damaged facilities because it is quite expensive to buy the building materials, hire the staff and use generator power.  About half of the local hatcheries may not be able to restore their production this year because the damage was so severe, said Luo.


Yun Hao, manager of Hainan Lutai Aquatic Seedling, said his company lost over one thousand pairs of broodstock, 300 to 400 million postlarvae and much of its infrastructure and equipment.  Its total loss was $1.6 million, and the company will not be able restart operations until next year.


In addition, the typhoon also causes great economic damage to the shrimp farmers on Hainan Island.  For example, it tore apart all the liners in the 3.3 hectares of ponds owned by Chen Zhongyu in Dahe Village, Wentian, resulting in the loss of shrimp worth over $97,000.


Source: (an online, subscription-based, fisheries news service).  Editor and Publisher, John Sackton (phone 1-781-861-1441, email  Major Loss of Shrimp Seedlings Caused by Typhoon in Hainan, Threatens August Plantings.  Translation by Amy Zhong.  August 5, 2014.

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