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September 5, 2013


Shoddy Aerators


Bocuan Orapopo, a shrimp farmer in Indonesia, posted the following item to The Shrimp List, a mailing list for the shrimp farming industry:


My problem with the conventional, China-made, 1-HP aerators is the fragility of every single part.  I must have hundreds of broken blades, impellers, reducers and motors that are beyond any sort of repair.  A couple years back, the same products bought from the same guy would last three years without any problems.  I still have ten of them, but recently purchased aerators seem to crumble as easily as the cookies I eat with my morning coffee.


Source: The Shrimp List (a mailing list for shrimp farmers).  Subject: Long Arm Aerator.  Bocuan Orapopo (email  September 4, 2013.


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