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October 10, 2015


AIS Aqua Foods’ Crowd Funding Project


AIS Aqua Foods, Inc., has been in the seafood business since 1983 when Founder and Managing Director, Andrew Kaelin, began large-scale shrimp farming in Central America.  Since then, Kaelin has been working in aquaculture production commercially and as a consultant to the World Bank, the USA Agency for International Development and several non-governmental organizations.


AIS Aqua Shrimp, LLC, is an associated, USA-based aquaculture farm management company with interests in a shrimp hatchery, farm and processing plant in Colombia.


AIS has launched a crowdsourcing bid for a shrimp farm, part of its larger “Colombia Next Generation Shrimp Project”, to be based in Cartagena, Colombia.


According to Kaelin, the crowdsourcing effort, launched in August 2015, has not yet resulted in any funding, but he is still hopeful that by the end of the year it will attract attention.


The shrimp operation in question was run successfully for many years, with separate entities running the hatchery, farm and processing plant, before the owners went into liquidation several years ago, after an attempt to do high intensity shrimp farming failed to produce higher yields.  A drop in shrimp prices and the weakness in the Colombian currency at the time also contributed to the failure.


AIS has already acquired the processing plant and is currently crowdsourcing to get funds to purchase the farm.  It will then focus its efforts on the hatchery.



The processing facility in Cartagena’s Free Trade Zone will employ approximately 300 workers once the shrimp farm is in full production.  The farm has 81 ponds on 680 hectares and an estimated production of more then 8 million pounds annually.  The hatchery, which will be acquired further down the line, will produce postlarvae for the growout ponds, but initially SPF biosecure postlarvae will be purchased to stock the growout ponds.



Information: Andrew Kaelin, AIS Aqua Foods, Inc., 239 Morgan Road, Box 13-L, Taos, New Mexico 87571, USA (phone +1-575-776-1557, fax 1-575-776-2520, email, webpage


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