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October 14, 2014


ETEC—Pumps and Harvesting Equipment for Shrimp Farms





Among a wide range of pumps for other industries, ETEC, S.A., headquartered in Cartagena, Colombia, markets high-volume pumps and harvesting systems for shrimp farms.  Its floating pumps and pumping stations, which rise and fall with the tides, have replaced many of the fixed pumping stations at shrimp farms around the world.  Eduardo del Castillo, ETEC commercial manager, said, “The floating pump challenges conventional pump stations that are costly, time consuming and troublesome to build.” ETEC's webpage contains detailed specifications on all its floating pumps, axial flow pumps and harvesting equipment.




At the Tenth Central American Aquaculture Symposium (Tegucigalpa, Honduras, August 27–29, 2014), I interviewed, Régis Bador founder and manager of Innov’Aquaculture, a New Caledonia-based company that finds, certifies and markets innovative products for shrimp farmers.  One of the products that Bador markets is ETEC’s “Elevatec” shrimp harvester.


Shrimp News: I watch a lot of videos of shrimp harvests in Asia, and they always show a bunch of guys in a pond with a net and even more guys carrying bags, boxes and buckets of shrimp up the banks to the big totes, where they are iced down.  Yesterday, you told me about an ETEC harvester that sounding interesting.  Tell me a little about it?


Régis Bador: ETEC calls it the “Elevatec”.  It looks like a small escalator (moving stairway) that you might see in a department store or one of those conveyer belts that moves shrimp to a higher level in a processing plant.  It’s the only automatic harvester that lifts only shrimp, not water, so you’re not using as much electrical energy.  The shrimp are actually dewatered the moment they rise above the surface of the water.



Shrimp News: How much horsepower do you need to operate the machine?


Régis Bador: You’ll have to check with the ETEC guys on that, but it’s certainly a lot less than you would need for a tradition pump/harvester.  The “Elevatec” is light enough that one person can maneuver it.  Its belt moves slowly, and it gently lifts the shrimp out of the water.


Shrimp News: Where do you place the machine?


Régis Bador: In New Caledonia we put it in the outlet gate.  You don’t need any employees in the water.  We lower the pond level and depending on the concentration of shrimp in the pond, we can harvest four tons of shrimp in three to eight hours and reduced our harvest team from eleven people to six.


Information: Eduardo del Castillo, Commercial Manager, ETEC S.A., Albornoz, Km 4 Vía Mamonal, Cartagena, Colombia (phone +57-5-668-9300, fax +57-5-668-9329, email, webpage


Sources: 1. ETEC’s product literature, press reports and webpage.  2. Régis Bador, Innov’Aquaculture, BP 15349, 98804 Noumea, New Caledonia (mobile +687-73-48-97, Skype regisbador, email, webpage  Interview by Bob Rosenberry, Shrimp News International.  Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  August 26, 2014.

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