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June 30, 2014


Farmer Wants to Communicate on Zero-Exchange, Biofloc Systems


George Th Karaolis ( writes: I am researching the development of a zero-exchange, super-intensive biofloc shrimpfarm for Cyprus.  I plan to market fresh, white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei) without using antibiotics, genetically modified feeds or feeds that include animal products.  I have obtained an abandoned facility with all the infrastructure and licenses in place.  Dr. Tzachi Samocha of Texas A&M AgriLife Research Mariculture Lab, who is providing me with valuable expertise and knowledge, will be the consultant of this project.  Since I’m developing this farm on the other side of the planet, I would like to communicate with other shrimp farmers who have developed similar projects.  I’m interested in their designs, equipment, feeds and marketing plans.


My main concerns are finding:


• A good, cost-effective feed

• A reliable source of 3.5-gram seedstock with delivery to Cyprus

• A reliable buyer for fresh shrimp with an average weight of 22 grams


Source: Emails to Shrimp News International from George Th Karaolis.  Subject: Help Setting Up a Super-Intensive, Zero-Exchange Shrimp Farm.  June 27 and 29, 2014.

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