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March 15, 2015


Job—Postdoc in Loosening Shrimp Shells


A postdoctoral position is available within the Food Production Engineering Research group at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark.


The postdoctoral fellow occupying the position will be part of a new research project “Sustainable technologies for resource and quality optimization of shrimp production (TECHSHELL)” in collaboration with Royal Greenland Seafood A/S, Launis Fiskekonserves A/S and University of Copenhagen.  The project is funded by The Danish AgriFish Agency (Green Development and Demonstration Program; GUDP).


Peeling of shrimp is a challenge to the industry and the mechanisms involved in shell loosening are unknown.  Today a storage period of several days is required before the shrimp can be peeled with a satisfactory yield.  Using non-thermal technologies like high pressure, microwaves, ultrasound and enzymes, the aim of the project is to loosen the shrimp shell to facilitating peeling.


Responsibilities and Tasks:


The objective of the offered postdoc project is to investigate, at the molecular level, the mechanisms involved in shell loosening in shrimp, and in collaboration with the participating industries to develop and implement lab-scale procedures for measurement of quality and peel-ability of the shrimp.  The project will focus on correlating protein markers for the shell loosening mechanisms with peel-ability and product quality.


Qualifications, Candidates Should Have:


• A PhD degree or equivalent

• A solid background in food science and technology

• Experience with industrial research collaboration

• Good understanding of food quality

• Good experience with experimental laboratory work within the protein/peptide area

(2D-gel based proteomics, chromatography)

• Strong collaborative skills

• Good English communication skills, both written and spoken

• Danish-speaking would be an advantage

• Able to work independently and take responsibility for progress and quality of projects


Duration of Employment: 2½ years, starting May 1, 2015, or soon afterwards


Workplace Location: Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby Campus, within the Food Production Engineering Research Group.


Application Deadline and Conditions: April 7, 2015.  Applications must be submitted as one PDF file containing all materials (below).  To apply, open the link “Apply online,” [“Aneøg” Online, a red link, near the top right of this webpage], fill in the online application form, and attach all your materials in English in one PDF file.  The file must include:


• Application (cover letter)

• CV

• Diploma (an official translation into English)

• List of publications


Information: Flemming Jessen, Senior Researcher, Technical University of Denmark (phone +45-4525 -549, email, webpage


Source: DTU Fødevareinstituttet.  Postdoc in Sustainable Technologies for Resource and Quality Optimization of Shrimp Production.  March 15, 2015.

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