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August 13, 2013


Bans Shrimp Improts from EMS/AHPNS Countries


On July 25, 2013, Ecuador’s Deputy Minister of Aquaculture and Fisheries declared a one-year ban on shrimp imports (and other products used in shrimp farming) from countries with EMS/APHNS.


Once diagnostic methods are established for EMS/AHPNS, imports will be authorized for products that show no risk to the Ecuador.


For more information on shrimp farming in Ecuador, check out the links on this site:


For a list of news release from Ecuador’s National Aquaculture Chamber, visit this site:


Information: Piedrahita Yahira Falquez, Executive Director, Cámara Nacional de Acuacultura, Francisco de Orellana Avenue and Miguel H. Alcívar, Chambers Business Centre, Third Floor 301 Office, Guayaquil, Ecuador (fax 593-4-2683017, ext. 109, email, webpage


Source: Email to Shrimp News International from Gleen Castle Castillo (, Subject: Acuerdo Ministerial Establece Medidas Sanitarias para Prevenir Ingreso de EMS/AHPNS.  August 12, 2013.


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