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August 29 2015


Estimates of 2015 Shrimp Production


In 2015, Ecuador’s shrimp production is expected to reach roughly 350,000 metric tons, up 10,000 tons from 2014.


Strong USA imports over the past five years, combined with a drop in Asian shrimp production due to the outbreak of early mortality syndrome (EMS) have facilitated Ecuador’s export growth.


Although production volume will increase, prices will suffer throughout 2015 as Asian producers (Thailand and China) once again return to the export market in larger volume.


In 2014, Ecuador’s shrimp exports reached roughly 299,000 tons, worth approximately $2.6 billion.  Shrimp exports to the United States in 2014 were about 88,859 tons worth $901 million.


Shipments to the European Union, which takes over a third of Ecuador’s yearly shrimp exports, hit 93,271 tons.


Ecuador’s shrimp industry utilizes approximately 57,900 tons of soybean meal and about 132,940 tons of wheat from the USA it its shrimp feeds.  USA exports of soybean meal and wheat to Ecuador reached $176 million and $80 million (record high) respectively in 2014.


Source: The FishSite.  Ecuador’s Shrimp Production to Increase in 2015.  August 28, 2015.

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