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March 4, 2015


The “First Class Shrimp” Campaign


Three years ago, Ecuador’s Chamber of Aquaculture began working on its “Best Shrimp in the World” campaign, targeting the Ecuadorian market.  José Antonio Camposano, executive president of the Ecuadorian shrimp farmers association (Cámara Nacional De Acuacultura), said, “That was a first step to raise awareness within our country about the importance of the shrimp industry for Ecuador, its economy and its people.  ...‘The First Class Shrimp’ campaign is the second step of a strategy to promote Ecuadorian Shrimp abroad.”


Work on the “First Class Shrimp” campaign began three months ago, with a launch target in March 2015 at Seafood Expo North America, Camposano said.  In total, the association and farmers invested around $250,000 in the campaign.


Though “The Best Shrimp in the World” and “The First Class Shrimp” campaigns are fairly obvious promotional messages, Camposano said the country’s shrimp producers could back them up.  “I think it was pretty clear for all of us that the unique selling proposition of Ecuador is quality based on core values of our people and industry professionals.  ...We want to express that the product is the result of a well-oriented strategy that guarantees a sustainable product.  ‘First Class Shrimp’ is a promise that goes beyond quality, because it assures environmental responsibility and social awareness.”


Information: For articles in Spanish about shrimp farming in Ecuador, Click Here.  For a video in Spanish, titled The Best Shrimp in the World, Click Here.  The video shows shots of feed production, cooking, processing, sanitation, nutrition, hatcheries, farms, farmers, mangroves, harvesting, products and exports.


Information: José Antonio Camposano, President, Cámara Nacional De Acuacultura, Francisco de Orellana Avenue and Miguel H. Alcívar, Chambers Business Centre, Third Floor 301 Oficino, Guayaquil, Ecuador (phone 593-4-2683017, extension 109, email, webpage


Source:  Ecuadorian Shrimp Producers Launch Huge New Marketing Campaign.  Drew Cherry (Twitter @drewcherry).  March 2, 2015.

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